Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fly Fishing With Big Ray, My Big Marshmallow Pup

As the end of open water season for most streams and brooks is fast approaching Big Ray and I decided to take advantage of a very quiet and peaceful morning to do some fly fishing in one of my favorite streams here in Waldo County. 

For those of you who haven't been introduced to Ray, check out many of my older postings to maine-matters. Ray is our 9 year old yellow lab. He's is a ready, set, go sort of boy..boating, hiking or fishing..he travels light and free.

So with the Jeep duly packed with waders, ultra-light fly rod, fishing vest, camera and kibbles, we headed out Rt 3.

It wasn't long before we found ourselves on the bank of that placid stream. I was into my third cast and Ray was chest deep

and soon plowing through the water with 4-Paw Drive.

Fun to watch but not exactly in stealth mode as I'm sure any and all fish noticed.

Occasionally he would hop up on the bank and do some exploring,

but was ever watchful on where I was so as not to loose track of his steady supply of Milk Bones.
And it was on one of his explorations that I finally hooked up.  Hoping it was a wild brookie starting to show some fall colors, reality set in as I brought to net a...

10" pickerel. 

Ray upon noticing the action, immediately came over to investigate

and of course be rewarded with another snack.

So that was it. No brook trout on this trip, not that I really expected one as this stream is really a May / June type of place. But just the same it was a nice outing with my big marshmallow pup, with hopefully many more to come.


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    1. Taking him with me is not exactly good fishing strategy but we love being together. Thanks Brk Trt