Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Buttercups and Bambis in Belfast

I haven't been very active in the blogosphere lately as I haven't doing much lately.
Between a combination of the Lund Rebel Sport laid up for the past week with a bum motor,
(the technical term according to the dealer..."Crap in the gas"),
and all the lovely weather we've been experiencing of late,
(meaning cold and rain with the accompanying high water),
it's been pretty quiet around here, no fishing of any sort.
Just watching the grass grow...
But this morning I got a bit of a boost with some company showing up in the field outside our door
that I  noticed while I was traveling thru the living room on route to another cup of coffee.
Ray and Zed hadn't spotted them yet so I had time to grab the camera and attach the telephoto lens.
Sneaking out the kitchen door and skulking around the side of the house , I managed to catch them unawares, for a second,  from the back corner. Just one shutter release was enough noise for them to wise up to my presence.
With the light being a bit low and my hands a bit shaky, the photos are a bit fuzzy.
It was the best that I could do...
And with the third shutter release they disappeared into the brush but it was wicked good of them to visit.


  1. I love it.
    I love it even more in November.

  2. I wonder how that would work..hunting from my recliner? thanks Brk Trt