Monday, March 19, 2012

Hiking The Ducktrap Preserve

We decided to take advantage of the great day yesterday to do a little hiking with our newest guide dog candidate, Zed. 

Not far from home is an enjoyable set of trails on lands of The Coastal Mountains Land Trust. One of these trails in its care is The Ducktrap Preserve which follows a ridge line not far from  where Rt 52 crosses the Ducktrap River. This trail is not to be confused with the fishermen's trail that follows the river itself.

We chose this path, it's really more of an abandoned wood's road, because of it's gradual elevation change and it's excellent footing. 

But little Zed did find some intimidating sections on it, such as finding a good spot to cross one of the many runoff brooklets that we encountered in our path. After a few of these challenges and with his confidence building,
he was soon finding his stride.
The trail leads thru some very nice softwood stands and the piney perfume that permeated the warm air was magnificent.

 One portion of the trail is highlighted by this rather large tree leaning across the path. I wonder how long before it comes down, either by nature or by the hands of the trail caretakers?

On the way back to the parking area we spotted this interesting hollowed out tree. It reminded me of those old black and white cartoons that I used to watch as a kid that would have swaying, singing trees. It's funny how these kinds of observations can dredge up long buried memories of childhood. I guess it true about our life experiences are all stored subconsciously in our minds just needing a little stimulus to pop out.

On the ride back home we stopped at the boat landing for Pitcher's Pond to take a peek. (The pond itself is just on the other side of the treeline.) It looks like it's about time to pull the boat out of storage and start getting it geared up.


  1. Looks nice. Have not been there but we like Tanglewood which is also on the Ducktrap.

    1. It's a nice hike John..Especially in the hot summer months as there is a lot of shade for Kelley..

  2. I like the looks of that pond....any brookies.
    Love that little guy Zed.

    1. Hi Brk Trt..It is a pretty pond but no brookies there as it's too shallow and too warm but there is a pretty good smallmouth population and as you know they are a lot of fun to catch on the fly! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Beautiful trail. Thanks for taking us along.