Saturday, June 11, 2011

Out and About On The Bay

Pat and I did some saltwater fishing for the first time this year (the fishing would be me). She did an excellent job of helmsman(or woman)ship  ..Fish were showing up on the sonar anywhere between 60 and 100 feet. I got down to them with my lead line and had a couple of bumps but that was all. No worrying about snagging bottom in 250 feet of water!  The sea temp was 60 degrees, at least near the surface.

So after a floating lunch and a stopover on a small island we came across some seals resting and sunning (not much of that) on Sprague's Ledge, which is completely submerged at high tide..We had an enjoyable 3 hours on the water before the weather started to turn.

(Clik on the photo a couple of times to see full size)


  1. What a nice photo.
    They seem to be waving to you.

  2. I'm oh so green with envy. I would love to fish salt water. It's the unknown I guess?

  3. Yes that is a huge appeal for me too. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Saltwater FISHING . . . and . . . what were you fishing for? What were you using? Lures or Bait? Your adoring fans want to know!!

  5. Well the fishing was really an after thought..The fish were showing up and I happened to have my lead line rod in the boat but a very meager asstm't of lures..couple of wobblers..and a heavy salt water silver/orange bait..I'll be better prepared this weekend.