Saturday, May 28, 2011


I spent a drizzly, foggy morning today on Lake George this morning, continuing my spring of 2011  frustration filled landlocked salmon quest. Well today it finally happened..salmon success..I was very happy to bring to boat these two fine specimens. However, I did have to forgo my preferred  method of trolling streamer flies to go with an imitation smelt wobbler...I know, I know, the purity of my desires has been sacrificed and cheapened. What can I say but desperation brings on pressure and the overwhelming impulse to succeed. The little red devil on my right shoulder whispering into my ear , "use the wobbler Mikey", overcame the little angel on the other, defending goodness and righteousnesses, "stay with the streamer Mikey".  So I yielded to the tempting one, only to be rewarded..The future does not bode well for me..what's next? Becoming a worm dunker again?

The second one was a bit smaller.

 There were also a local gang of loons on the hunt..pretty cool sight.


  1. Beautiful salmon.
    There's nothing wrong with trolling wobblers.
    They are great lures.