Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm pretty excited..first of all the long range forecasts seem to indicate a warming trend..into the 40's by the end of the week..and then above freezing for the last week of the month..and in March..the average high bumps up from 35 on the first to 46 on the just subscribed to my favorite sporting magazine.. "The Maine Sportsman"..a plethora of fishing and hunting information with contributions from many outstanding guides and outdoors people , such as the authors of two blogs that I follow.."The Maine Outdoorsman" and "Wild Plants and Wooly Bears".


  1. That news is something to get excited about.
    Perhaps we have turned a page as far as nasty cold weather gos.

    The Maine Sportsman is a fine publication.

  2. I hope so Brk Trt..and thanks a lot for continuing to check in on my blog and leaving comments..I really appreciate it..

  3. I've got to keep tabs on my friends away up north.

    I have a request, could you send me down some Giffords Maine Wildberry ice cream.

  4. Tell you what Brk Trt, I'll treat but you have to come to Maine to get it. You mentioned that you've never fished Downeast,so you have a standing invite to come to Maine sometime after ice out this spring and we'll haul my boat to the village of Grand Lake Stream and West Grand Lake. We can stay at my cousin's house at GLS , which just happens to be on the stream, walk out his back door and we're fishing..we can also do some trolling for landlocks on fantastic West Grand. It would be a great way to give your streamer creations a whirl. So if you think you'd be up to it just let me know..