Monday, November 15, 2010

Tough Past Week

As you may surmise, I  use this blog as sort of an online diary of what's going on in my life. I try to keep it on task, you know, fishing and hunting stuff. But sometimes I digress and throw in some other things that you may find off subject but that make me feel a little better if I write about here I go again..

The past week has been a tough one for daughter had surgery (she's ok), we had to put down our 14 yr old lab (previously noted), I've been sick with a lousy cold and to top it all off..we had to "put up" our boat for the winter..all these things have gotten me down but it's a new week and time to move on.

So with that in mind..

This week I will be smiling about all the wonderful time we were able to spend with Dove,  looking forward to Thanksgiving and major family time, continuing my hunting story, and planning our next season's fishing trips on West Grand Lake, Moosehead Lake, Lake St. George, Lake Megunticook, Penobscot Bay and River, Casco Bay, the Kennebec River and elsewhere..What, maybe 5 1/2 months till ice out?  Not really so long if you don't think about it much..Of course I will..every day!

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  1. Times like this will come and go, and come and go again. It's something most of us have to wade through. I'll wager you'll pull through nicely.

    Those fishing trips sound nice! I hope you'll still be on the internet next year so we can see the successes.

    Take care -