Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fishing Grand Lake Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I contacted a couple of my wife's cousins, who happen to be Maine Guides (and know West Grand Lake) via Facebook and mentioned that I was planning a day trip to the lake on the 18th. to go fishing. (I wanted to pump some insider info from them.) It just so happened that Steve and his brother Kim were planning to do the same and that all of us should get together. I of course jumped at the chance to be taken under their wings and show me the ropes of late season fishing.

My previous experience for lake salmon fishing was with my Dad, many years ago. We would go to Swan Lake in the spring, just after ice out, and troll. Of course surface trolling was out as the water in Grand Lake apparently is still quite warm as a result of the balmy summer weather. Clearly I needed different gear other than my fly rod and streamer flies that I normally use for trolling..So..on to the Cablea's website I go to pick up an appropriate combo package.

Friday after school I headed to Herman to pick up fisherman extraordinare, Steve Vose. Off to GLS we go and end up at Kim's house around 5. After a marvelous baked ham dinner that Kim provided , we ( including JR who had stopped by) settled in for some good spirited chat and world problem solving..Up next , fishin' day..

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